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Ride Share Passenger Safety for Uber/Lyft Passengers

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and read these tips! Uber and Lyft are great services but with anything that gets utilized so often and by so many there is potential for those that wish to do harm. Here are some tips to help keep you safe:

1. The MAIN thing I want you to know is that when your driver arrives if for ANY reason you do not feel comfortable DO NOT get in the car! Just politely let the driver know you have changed your mind and to go ahead and pay the $5 cancel fee (you can just cancel the trip or your driver can). 

2. ALWAYS make sure that the vehicle, license plate and driver match up with the Uber/Lyft app. DO NOT take a driver's word at ANY time. If any of these do not match, cancel and then contact the company and explain and ask for a credit for your cancellation fee if charged. 

3. If you sit in the back seat (most safe) please sit on the passenger side. You can see what your driver is doing much better and your driver will feel more comfortable as well. 

4. Always use the "share trip" feature of the app with a friend or family member and let them know when you are supposed to arrive at your destination. If possible have a friend with you while you are waiting for your ride

5. If you are out drinking (especially females) use the buddy system whenever possible and do not ride alone. If you are riding alone you may want to consider speaking with a friend on the phone during the trip. 

6. If it is safe to do so, have your driver drop you off or pick you up from an address close to yours. You will keep your address confidential. 

7. Do not share too many personal details such as where you work, go to school, etc. 

8. Use the rating and comment system in the app(s) and report any issues that you feel are unsafe (bad driving, improper conversation, etc.). These reports need to be made so a driver that is doing this will know and there will be a record of the infraction. Please be nice as ratings are super important to drivers and only rate low when truly justified. A rating of 3 stars or lower and you will never be matched with that driver again. 

9. If you are unfamiliar with the route you are taking follow along with the GPS on your phone and if there are any discrepancies ask the driver what route they are taking. If it looks or feels "off" ask to be dropped off as soon as you see a safe place. Wait until that place (gas station, business, whatever) is in sight and asked to be dropped off there. Your driver can drop you off and end the trip and you can order another ride. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and be safe out there and enjoy life!!